Monday, January 17, 2011

Low living cost

For all you Westerners it may not look the greatest, but for me this is the essence of good food.
The one thing that amazes me about Chiang Mai every now and then is the extremely low living costs. Food is extremely cheap and convenient, with vendors for all kinds of food lining the streets with prices starting at around 25 baht (Around 30 baht = 1 dollar). Food is usually very sanitary, made fresh using fresh ingredients right in front of you. For anyone who likes spicy food Thailand is a great place to stay and get your fix. Generally Western food is more expensive, as they usually cater to tourists or Westerners who have made Chiang Mai their home.
Clothes here can be obtained for cheap, or for very expensive depending on if you want the big name brands or local stuff. Personally I find that most of the local stuff is just as good as the big name brands, and much much cheaper.
If you're a foreigner renting is the only way to go, as there is a Thai law that forbids Westerners from owning land. While this is somewhat discriminatory, it was first put in place to stop Western business men from buying up all the land.


  1. I love thai food, preferably anything from (south)east asia <3

  2. I'm from Singapore originally, but now in the States. My wife and I always wanted to visit Chiang Mai. Now we know who to ask. Followed and clicked brah. I'm the scotch guy :)

  3. how is the cloths quality?

  4. The clothes are generally OK, if you put in about 10 bucks you can get very decent quality stuff. best bet is to usually stay away from extremely cheap clothes though (2 - 3 dollars).